1. artslant:


    ArtSlant is pleased to announce that we are now taking applications for the Winter 2015 term of the Georgia Fee Artist|Writer Residency. This term will take place during the months of January/February 2015 and includes a monthly stipend of $1000 USD and airfare to and from the residency site. The residency takes place in the Montparnasse neighborhood of Paris in a Haussmann-style aparment. Studio space is not provided. Thanks to our strategic partner, Residency Unlimited, the resident will be asked to participate in studio visits with prominent arts professionals from Paris that have experience relevant to the resident’s project. 

    To submit an application, go to your ArtSlant Profile and click on apply to residency in your Manage My Profile box. Don’t have a profile? It’s free and easy to sign up!

    Applications will be accepted until August 31, 2014.

    More info on the Georgia Fee Artist|Writer Residency can be found here. Check the FAQ for any questions you may have. For further questions, email us at residency@artslant.com.

    Curious? You can also see what the residency is like by checking out our current resident, Sara Shaoul’s blog.

    MORE INFO HERE: http://bit.ly/1pLT2wz

    Time to do a last minute ass app

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  2. drebryton:

    Installation view of Guillotine III (2014)

    Part of the duo show ‘Artist in Action: Strange Arrangement’

    Now on view at the Subbasement Artist Studio & Gallery

    (Photo credit goes to the amazing Rarah )



  5. thefistt:

    Butterfly Knife “Balisong”

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  6. A good friend of mine came by and gave a quick but great crit of my current work. He suggested that my next move be building the structures from scratch and using my current pieces as sketches. The longer I sit with the suggestion, the more I like it.



  8. I had a long argument with my dad about the exhibition. He wanted to know why there were no paintings at the exhibition, why there were no bands, no performance poetry. He wasn’t entertained and he felt lost. I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried not to go into a defensive rant. I told him, ‘if the viewer was bored to the point that they needed something more, then it’s my fault and something I need to take into consideration for the future.’ 

    His next critique was that the objects I made were too large. ‘Where would I put it if i bought it?’ I explained to him how I wasn’t intending to sell them. I could see the doubts come rushing in. 

    I didn’t expect him to tell me that he did the same thing when he was my age. He told me how he used to take apart furniture and whatever he could find to make new constructions. His were functional. Now everything is complicated.

  9. bmoreart:

    Seen Scene: Artist in Action: Strange Arrangments 

    Space: Subbasement Artist Studios and Gallery
    Featured Artists: Dre Britton & Rodgrigo Carazas Portal

    Check out the run down at BmoreArt.com

    1. Dre Britton - “Sealab” Installation

    2. Installation view

    3. Rodrigo Carazas Portal - “Raising My Princess”

    Photos by Jack Livingston and Rahrah, for the SubBasement Artist Studios and Gallery

  10. Installation view of Louie

    Part of the duo show ‘Artist in Action: Strange Arrangement’

    Now on view at the Subbasement Artist Studio & Gallery

    (Photo credit goes to the amazing Rarah )