3. I’ve been going back and forth about being more vocal on the blog. I feel pressured to keep it visual but I think some show reviews for whats going on  in the Baltimore area and studio notes here and there won’t hurt will it?

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  5. paddyjohnson:

    Jonathan Monagham: Rainbow Bison

    The boss from Street Fighter, in GIF form by Jonathan Monaghan.

  6. centuria:

    Peter Shire
    Irresistable Hibachi

    Life altering shit yes

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  7. unabide:

    Banks Violette at Gladstone Gallery, 2007

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    open call via here and here


    Niamh & I are doing this

    Submit to our Open Call

    ON IT

  9. Mac Demarco - Treat Her Better

  10. Work in progress..